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          Gathering as a faith community to worship and serve since 1878



Lector and EMHC Schedule 

Altar Servers

Dan Boutwell  345-8905  Students will be trained and scheduled altar servers for all Masses.  Students can advance through ranks of altar services. 

Altar Society                                                                       Susan Birtcil  893-9612 /343-8741    A group of dedicated volunteer ladies who serve the parish by keeping the church clean and polished on a weekly basis.  Work on a rotating schedule.

Angel Tree

Karen Neadley - 345-4350   Angel Tree helps children of prisoners. Angel tags are made available prior to Christmas. A gift is purchased and then delivered to a child by a Santa’s helper close to Christmas.

Arts & Environment

Sara Leon 518-6673 Responsible for the interior décor of the church through the different liturgical seasons and set-up to enhance the prayerful setting of the House of God.

Baptism Preparations

Parents requesting baptism for their child are required to attend Baptism Preparation classes.  These are for parents and godparents and are held every other month on a Tuesday evening.  Baptisms are on the following Sunday at 2pm.  Contact the parish office at 343-8741 for the registration info, dates of the classes and the reading assignment.

Boy Scouts

Steve Estes 521-1810 for the Troop (6th grade & up) or Andrew Milani for the Pack (1st grade to 6th).  The program focus for our boys is Character Development, Citizenship Training and Mental and Physical Fitness.  The program is open to all youth of the community and is a great outreach program.  Boy Scouts have regular weekly meetings on Wed’s, and the Pack meets monthly with the smaller den meetings weekly throughout the school year.

Caring Tree

Sylvia Dabner - 895-0292                                    Each year we honor our parish senior shut-ins, those in care homes and confined to home.  A name is selected and a gift bought. The gifts are distributed the week before Christmas.

Catholic Ladies Relief society #3   

Susan Struble 345-4642 The Chico Society was established in  1920. It’s purpse is to perform spiritual and corporal works of mercy. The society aids and assists the poor through the Chico Community Food Locker. Meetings are  first Tues mo (ex. July & Aug) at ODS social hall.

Catholic Daughters of the Americas

Sylvia Dabner 895-0292                                        Membership is open to all Catholic women in the area.  The spiritual life of members is enhanced through the various spiritual and charitable activities locally and nationally.                 

Catholics Returning Home

Sharon Haselton 891-5334/Deacon James Burkett 893-2348.  This is a ministry to help those who have left the church, been alienated, or even hurt by something or someone from the Church.  CRH is a 13 week long session..  This ministry reunites those who would like to come back to the church.  We cover many different topics of the faith. 





Church Hospitality  

 Rick Nielsen 894-1788  The purpose of the Church Hospitality committee is to build church community through fellowship time such as coffee and a snack after mass. 

Collection Counters

Karen Monroe 343-8741 Each week counting teams rotate and count the Sunday collection according to diocesan policies and procedures.

Extraordinary Ministers Holy Communion (EMHC)

Diane Smith 345-7028  Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion offer the Precious Body and Blood to others at Mass. Training is required.

Extraordinary Ministers to the Sick at Enloe Hospital

Gail Boswell 891-4709  Our ministry has administered to Catholic patients from Butte, Glenn and Tehama counties for the past 24 years.  Our   ministers visit Enloe Hospital Mon thru Fri. 

Finance Council

By appointment of pastor.

Holy Spirit Prayer Group

Sharon Haselton 891-5334  A gathering of Catholic Christians who give praise, thanks, and love,  to God through word and song.  We praise   God for all the gifts he has given, through the help of the Holy Spirit, and we pray for the needs of others. We meet at 7pm on the 4th Wednesday of each month at the Newman Center.

 Homebound Ministry Program

Karen Monroe 3453-8741 Ministers bring Holy Communion to people confined at home or in senior care facilities. There are twelve ministers officially participating in this  ministry on a weekly basis.

Knights of Columbus                                                         
Steve Silva 345-02011     The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic Fraternal Organization that is built around serving the priests, parish and community.  Our goal is  not only to raise money for deserving   charities and individuals, but to be a Catholic Men’s support group that gives us a chance   to do something bigger than what we can do on our own.  We are always looking for new members to join in; the only requirement is that they are 18 or older and in good standing with the church.                                      


Diane Smith 345-7028 Ministry  of Proclaiming the Word of God at Mass. Trained lectors, or readers, read the first and second readings as well as the psalm and petitions. Sound reading in this ancient task puts focus into the theme of each Sunday Mass. There   is also lecturing at daily Mass.

Life Teen

Jandi Pereida 342-4687                      

High school and junior high youth ministry focused on forming teens catechetically and spiritually in a fun environment.

Life Teen Music Ministry

Caroline Sajben 343-8741
Ministry of musicians leading prayer in liturgical and youth ministry settings.

Maintenance of the Grounds

Steve Overlock 514-4109 At this time there is no organized time to work on the grounds, but when a membr of the group sees something that needs being done they take it upon themselsves to make sure it is completed.

Marriage Preparation Course

 Roberta Seibert 343-8741 As mandated by the Bishop, every couple must attend marriage prep sessions before marriage. The Church hopes to prepare you not only for a wedding but for a lifetime of marriage. Sessions are offered twice a year in Chico.

Men’s Bible Study

Deacon Steve Schwartz at 891-0626 or at The Catholic  Men's Bible study has been meeting   since 1975 and meets at Our Divine   Savior on Friday mornings at 6:00. We study Scripture for an hour and then,  those that are free, meet at a restaurant  to eat. The only things needed to bring    are an open heart and a desire to know Christ more intimately. We use the New American Bible and all are most   welcome.

Ministry of Usher 

Karen Monroe 343-8741  Welcomes parishioners when they enter the church, helps with seating, helps with any requests the Priest may have, distributes any materials needed at Mass, arranges for the presentation of Gifts at the Offertory, handles collections according  to procedures, helps to secure and tidy  the church after Mass.


Elizabeth Nice 828-9069      Singing and playing instruments for the 8am Mass. Tricia Berkow 343-8906 Music for 10am Mass.

Notre Dame School

Terri Sobieralski, principal at Notre Dame 342-2502  Notre Dame School is the Catholic education and formation outreach for Chico and the North State Catholic community.  Children from the ages of transitional Kindergarten to 8th grade are served.


Parish Library

Kathe Neilsen 343-8741 Books, CD’s, videos, DVD's, tapes and various other materials are available to borrow on a no fee basis.  We are open after the 7:30 Sunday Mass to the beginning of the Mass in Spanish @ 12:00 p.m.

Pastoral Council

By appointment of the pastor.Fr. Tim Nondorf 343-8741
By appointment of pastor.

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

Lori Smith 343-8741 
RCIA is the process by which an unbaptized adult, or a baptized adult in another Christian denomination, becomes Catholic.  RCIA is a conversion process in which doctrinal instruction and spiritual formation bring you into a new relationship with Christ, and into full membership in the Catholic community of faith. 

Religious Education

Ann Baumgartner 343-8741Raquel Ruiz  343-8741 There are various areas of participation  including a need of volunteers for helping the catechists.

Respect Life Committee

Mary Waldorf 345-8638  Respect for human life from the moment of conception through natural death is promoted through various projects and activities, which include 40 Days for Life and praying at the local abortion facilities.


Dori Terrell 899-0101 doriterrell@hotmail.comLearning
how to prepare and set up for Masses and verious other liturgies. Training is required and provided by the priest.

The Rosary Prayer Group

Charlie Woodbury 896-1301 The Rosary is said M-Th and Saturday before morning Mass.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Stephanie & Deacon James Burkett 893-2348 A weekend experience for couples who want to make their good marriage become a great marriage.  If you value
Sacrament of  Marriage as the Church views marriage then it is imperative to attend a WWME weekend. They start on Friday evening at 8pm and finish around 5pm on Sunday. You are housed in a hotel, you will listen to presentations relating to marriage.





Ministerios y Apostolados

Asociación Guadalupana                                                        
Teresa Aguirre 895-1890 Invitación especial   a todas las personas que desean ser parte de la Asociación Guadalupana. Nuestro objetivo es trabajar y recaudar fondos para  la celebración de la Virgen de Guadalupe, el día 12 de diciembre y otros eventos y celebraciones de la parroquia.


Raquel Ruiz 343-8741 Se necesita voluntarias para ayudantes de catequistas si desea donar su tiempo al servicio de los demás, llame por favor.  Reunión de catequistas todos los martes a las 6pm. 

Coro de Domingo

Elizabeth Alaniz 891-0809 

Coro de Sabado

Ramiro Espinoza 896-1137

Grupo de Danza

Maria Salas 566-6571
Grupo de Jóvenes Adolescentes

Jandi Perieda 342-4687 Invitamos  a todos los jóvenes a que participen y se integren a esta comunidad.  El propósito de este grupo es promover nuestros valores en un ambiente alegre de hermandad en Cristo Jesús. 

Grupo de Jóvenes Adultos

Tanya Vega 354-7263 Invitamos a todos los jovenes adultos.

Grupo de La Liturgia

Rosario Mendoza 518-1149  El grupo  de lectores y ministros de Eucaristía se reúne el primer lunes de cada mes en la biblioteca parroquial.

Grupo de Oración

Maria Sandoal 893-4478 Te invitamos    al grupo de oración carismático los martes a las 7pm en Ven  a formar parte de este grupo que se une en oración y alabanzas al Señor.

La Legión de Maria - Javier y Ilda Lopéz   566-0358 La legión de Maria se reúne todos los jueves a las 7pm en la Iglesia del Divino Salvador.

Preparación de Quinceañera

Rocio Arevalo 343-8741  La celebración de la Quinceañera tiene como objetivo darle gracias a Dios.  La misión del Ministerio de la Quinceañera es preparar y orientar a la joven Quinceañera, sus familiares y amigos para que cumplan este objetivo y tengan un acercamiento espiritual con Dios y la Santísima Virgen María.  A través de esta celebración  también se le pide a Dios por su bendición, intercesión, y guía.